Choosing A Mandibular Advancement Device ☆

With the different types of anti-snoring solutions in the market choosing the right one can be really tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. Plus among the most comfortable and affordable mouthpieces available the mandibular advancement devices (MADs) are the most popular. But with more than 80 MADs in the market, only a few options have been clinically proven to be effective when it comes to dealing with snoring.

Also referred to as jaw-retaining mouthpiece, this mouthpiece stops snoring by simply moving your lower-jaw slightly forward and opening up your partially closed throat. This will make it easy for you to breath and stop snoring. So here are some crucial factors to consider when choosing the right MADs.


1. The fitting process

Most Mandibular advancement devices utilize the boil-and-bite-fitting process, so you will never have to worry about it not fitting you perfectly. To soften this product you must first drop it in some boiling water for a minute and then remove it and dip it in cold water. Once it’s soft you can insert it in the mouth and bite down firmly. Its soft material will easily mold onto your teeth and the devices that use this method mention the term “thermoplastic”. So make sure you look for a device that uses this fitting process for more comfort.


2. Material

The material used to make this device and its quality really matter. So while choosing your mouthpiece make sure you look for a product that is Bisphenol-A (BPA) free. The BPA is a unique building block that has been used to make polycarbonate plastic for centuries, but if it gets absorbed into your body it will mimic estrogen plus it has been linked to erectile dysfunction, cancer, heart disease, liver abnormalities and diabetes. BPA can be detected in your blood after using a device with BPA for about 4 minutes. The other thing to consider is latex; in fact more than three million people in the US are actually allergic to latex. So make sure the mandibular advancement device you choose if BPA free and also latex free.

3. Comfort and adjustability

The more adjustable an anti-snoring mouthpiece is, the more comfortable the device will be. Remember comfort should be your first priority when choosing a mouthpiece. Otherwise you will never have a poor sleep quality and a hard-time sleeping every night. Remember adjustability and the material used to make the MADs will dictate the comfortable level of your mouthpiece. Most mandibular advancement devices come with a lower-jaw adjustment option that will make it easy for you to control the position of the jaw.


4. Breathing holes

Although effective most mandibular advancement devices don’t have breathing holes. But as much as you might not need the breathing holes, it’s good to have a mouthpiece which has breathing holes, especially if you have sinus issues or any type of medical condition which will restrict airflow through your nasal cavity. The size of the breathing hole really matters; a small one will not allow enough oxygen into your lungs while a large hole will force your mouth into a very uncomfortable position.


Considering the fact that you will be wearing this device every night, make sure you choose a mandibular advancement device that has a longer life expectancy. High quality products which can be a little bit costly have a life-expectancy of between 6-12 months. So before you purchase a mandibular advancement device make sure you consider the above factors.

Sleep Apnea Is Not A Joke, And Nobody’s Laughing ☆

snoring cartoon

snoring cartoonOne of the biggest qualms many sleep apnea sufferers have is the way that snoring is portrayed in media as comical.  Nothing really grinds my gears more than to see cartoons and movies treating snoring like it’s some kind of joke.  Believe it or not people actually die from sleep apnea every year. According to Dr. Breus sleep apnea is HIGHLY associated with the risk of sudden Cardiac death.  This is no long shot here folks.  Let’s not forget either the association between sleep apnea and diabetes, obesity, stroke, pregnancy complications, and a world of other problems probably too long to list here.

Listen folks, this illness causes you to suffer from apnea episodes meaning you stop breathing while you are asleep.  Sleep of course is when you are more vulnerable than ever.  If for some reason you were to stop breathing during your waking hours believe me you’d be aware of it very fast.

Why would you be aware so quickly?  You’d feel like you were choking, literally like you were dying.  Yet this is the very same illness that cartoons like that one above are making fun off.  Now that you are aware that snoring is no laughing matter, what can you do to help yourself if you are suffering?

Use An Anti-Snoring Device

These go by many different names.  Some people call them snoring devices, snoring aids, products, etc..  The fact is they are all intended to do the same thing.  Reduce snoring.  If you can reduce snoring you can reduce a lot of the problems associated with it as well.  Nobody actually thinks a mouthpiece is going to make you lose weight or cure your diabetes, but the fact is you can treat the symptom and make life just a little more bearable for yourself and maybe your wife and kids.  Why would you hesitate to do so knowing the benefits?

Imagine this scenario you’ve fallen asleep at a crowded train station, or maybe you are sleeping a hotel room.  Do you really want to suffer the embarrassment from knowing that you’ve kept all your neighbors awake pretty much all night long.  Snorer’s are often shamed, and sometimes unscrupulous companies will actually exploit this feeling of shame in order to sell there anti snoring product.  Please don’t fall for this kind of Salem-1600s like behavior.  You should be considering one of these devices for your own benefit period, but not because you feel guilty.

What Are The Best Choices?

There are a few top products on the market, let’s look at what they are.

  1. Zyppah – A new product with a cool clean sexy look to it, it sort of markets to the “hip” crowd.  This thing is unique in the sense that it is both a tongue retaining device and a mandibular advancement device.  It’s the only product available that does both otherwise you basically have to opt for one or the other.
  2. PureSleep – These guys have been around for a while now so you know they’re not a fly-by-night company.  Have dealt with a few BBB complaints, and are known for there aggressive marketing often purchasing TV and radio ads.  I can’t really vouch for how well there mouthpiece works but it does seem that some customers are happy with them.
  3. ProSnoreProSnore was a great product that unfortunately no longer exists and the company is no longer accepting any new orders.
  4. Good Morning Snore Solution – An industry leader and the first one’s to pioneer the TRD system.  Honestly even though this product doesn’t act as a jaw advancing device it’s still leaps and bounds ahead of other products that do.
  5. Vital Sleep – It may be last on our list, but it’s probably the 2nd or 1st best depending on who you ask.  To put it lightly this product is the bomb diggity.  Why?  It’s cheaper than most of the other products.  It has a two for one offer.  Not to mention it’s fully adjustable no matter what size mouth you have.


If you can educate even one person about the true dangers of sleep apnea, and point them in the right direction for treating snoring as a whole.  Thank you.  You’re part of the solution and not the problem.  Don’t be shy to refer your friends or loved ones to the proper resources in order to treat there snoring.

There isn’t just one mouth piece available out there and there isn’t a one size fits all cure for what ever ails you.  However, there are tons of options that can help make a difference in your life and the lives of other people.

Anti-Snoring Aids: Helpful Or A Scam? ☆

Lets take a minute to discuss the different snoring aids available and whether or not these products are actually useful to anyone or whether or not they are a scam.  A story from 2005 on CBS news claims that “snoring aids fail the test” the question is how accurate is this report and how have things changed in the world of snoring treatments in the last ten years.

It would be foolish to assume that things haven’t changed quite a bit since then.  Manufacturers have adopted there products to meet the ever changing needs of snorers throughout the world.  Products have gotten cheaper, and are built with higher quality BPA free plastics more so now than ever.  Unfortunately, there is a still a great lack of unavailability for such products.  Stores such as CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart don’t even sell snoring mouthpieces.  The only options you can usually find in these retailers are sprays, and nasal strips.  Neither of which actually work if you’re serious about curing snoring.  Sure, if you’re snoring due to the sniffles or a cold these might help but otherwise you’re SOL.  That means you’re basically out of luck dude.

One of the criticisms in the article is that “none of the devices worked” period.  This is a foolish claim especially when the researcher fails to mention what if any snoring devices were tested.  Here is exactly what wrong with the nature of this study.

  • Snoring aids are written off all together without any regard for the nuances in the different types of devices.  The sample size was small and not representative of all snorers, nor does it take in to account the degree of severity of snoring between different individuals.  The one-size-fits all model is the shortest route to failure, period.
  • The article then goes on to say that a dental approved snoring mouthpiece did work for a patient and that she won’t go to bed without it.  Here’s the kicker.  There’s no real difference between these dental oral appliances and the anti-snoring device you can over off the internet.  They are the exact same thing.  The only difference is that one of them will break your bank and leave you feeling broke, whereas the other option is affordable and can usually be returned if found ineffective.

Many Advancements Have Been Made In Anti-Snoring Aids Since 2005

When this study was done nearly 10 years ago many of the features now standard in snoring mouthpieces simply didn’t exist.  Advanced features such as custom fitted mouthpieces that don’t require boil-in-a-pot methods, screw adjustable mouth guards like Vital Sleep, devices with mouth holes for easier breathing such as Zyppah, and TRD’s (Tongue Retaining Devices) like Good Morning Snore Solution.

Snoring Aids Or Snoring Mouthpieces?

Simply put not all snoring mouthpieces are mandibular advancement devices, and not all snoring aids are mouthpieces.  Stop Snoring Consumer Reports does a good job at explaining the difference between the two, or alternatively you can read there section about snoring aids to get more broad information about your cure options in general.  Jeff does a very good job of breaking down the difference between the devices and exactly what they are useful for.

It’s important to really understand what you are purchasing before you buy it because there are so many retailers online that are pushing these snoring mouthpieces sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust.  The fact is, due diligence and research is key.  If you bad sinus problems and this is causing you to snore, don’t expect to buy a mouth guard and have your problem solved.  It’s simply not going to work that way.  You need to find what’s appropriate to your particular situation.  Understand that Obstructive Sleep Apnea is not easily treatable and sometimes it takes a variety of different methods to find an effective treatment.  If you have Central Sleep Apnea don’t even bother with treating to use an anti-snoring device as it’s not going to help you what so ever.  In this particular circumstance a CPAP is crucial.  The seriousness of this can not be overstressed.

What Are Snoring Mouthpieces ☆

What exactly is an anti-snoring mouth piece also known as a mouthguard and in some cases a mandibular advancement device?  It’s simple really, it’s a device that’s worn in the mouth often times similar to a mouth piece worn by a sports player in order to reduce nightly snoring.  Imagine your throat or pharynx as like a rubber tube.  If you were to lay that tube flat on the ground and bend it upward there will be a kink in the tube and if you attempted to blow air from one side out there other it would be very difficult.

As a matter of fact the air struggling to come out of the other side would cause a vibration within the tube, a vibration which in humans is known as snoring.  This is analogous to your own airway when you are sleeping on your back.

How These Devices Work

mandibular advancement deviceLet’s continue with our example even further, but first we need to clarify some background details here.  Your lower jaw is directly connected to the muscles in and around your neck and airway.

By pulling your lower jaw forward you are actually forcing these muscles inside your throat into a more tight and rigid position.  If you were to pull the lip of the rubber tube far enough it would create a gap allowing more air to pass in spite of being bent.  This “bend” often occurs when sleeping on your back, or simply due to the over relaxation of airway muscles due to Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Snoring mouthpieces work by pulling the lower jaw forward and creating a gap in the airway that makes it much easier breathe at night and can reduce snoring dramatically.

Anti-Snoring Aids Work Through Two Primary Methods

  • Tongue Retaining – The primary device sold for this purpose is known as Good Morning Snore Solution.  If you’re curious as to how it works stick your tongue out in front of you and attempt to breathe as loudly as possible.  You’ll find that it’s nearly impossible to do so.  Holding the tongue in an affixed position accomplishes this.
  • Jaw Advancing – This is the most common type of anti-snoring mouthpiece.  They are also commonly referred to as Mandibular Advancement Devices or MAD.  There are two primary ways to obtain one of these.  Either A. Through your dentist where your dentist will prescribe you an oral appliance, or with an over-the-counter device that works just as well and is tremendously cheaper.  Examples of over the counter devices include Vital Sleep, Pure Sleep, Snore RX, Snore MD, Zyppah, and a host of other similar products.

Important Considerations

There are a very few very important things you need to consider when purchasing a snoring mouthpiece to ensure that you’re getting something you are going to be happy with.  Don’t just settle for the first product you see, really take your time and do you research.  You don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you are dealing with TMJ or temporomandibular joint discomfort which is discomfort and pain in your lower jaw.  Nor do you want to deal with not having the MAD fit you properly.  Here are a list of the top things you should consider.

  1. Is the mouthpiece custom fitted in a lab or does it need to be molded by you?  Or rather is it even adjustable at all?
  2. Can the mouthpiece be refitted after it’s been boiled, or do is it a boil-once and that’s it sort of situation.
  3. What is the shelf-life of the mouth piece?  Is it going to wear out after 6 months or maybe a year?
  4. Are you maybe a better candidate for CPAP/APAP or BiPAP?  These aids can help with OSA, but they aren’t intended as a long term treatment.  If you are looking for a longer term treatment, surgery or CPAP might be your only long term solutions.